Saturday, December 5, 2009

Women and children are often in great danger in the place where they should be safest: within their families. For many, ‘home’ is where they face a regime of terror and violence at the hands of somebody close to them – somebody they should be able to trust. Those victimized suffer physically and psychologically. They are unable to make their own decisions, voice their own opinions or protect themselves and their children for fear of further repercussions. Their human rights are denied and their lives are stolen from them by the ever-present threat of violence. Perhaps the most crucial consequence of violence against women and girls is the denial of fundamental human rights to women and girls.

-Minahil Irfan


Ammad said...

Being a woman in a Muslim neighborhood should mean Respect, Tolerance, Love because being a woman is much more than just being a normal part of your daily life. She takes care of you, takes care of your daily necessities, Cooks you meals, Takes care of your house and yet women in our society remain under a constant threat from their very own families, neighbors just because of some people`s ignorance to clearly understand their own rituals, traditions and common human values.

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